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Afternoon Ya’ll

 Ahh the ruffle.  Its certainly come a long way since the light blue tuxedo my dad wore in the 70’s when he married my mom! 

I am seeing an indulgence of ruffles all over for spring.  Ruffles are a trend that has erupted amongst the fashion scene and is here to stay!   Ruffles are ultra feminine and girly. They can be equally as flattering especially on a blouse or dress where you are drawing attention away from certain areas. 

Predominently I have seen ruffles mostly in pastels and spring colors.    While the light hues go hand in hand with this romantic trend I wanted to show that ruffles look amazing in any color palate.

  Check out my VERY FAVORITE bevello dress!  Its a super soft jersey cotton with multiple ruffles at the sleeves and bottom tier.  A color contrast white piping really accentuates the multiple ruffles.


 Midnight Black Ruffle Dress


I’ll admit it! This will definitely be one of my first bevello purchases!and since we are offically live I suggest getting it soon!  As I have mentioned VERY LIMITED quantities!

til next time




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Today is the day we have been waiting for. As I tossed and turned in my sheets last night like a kid waiting for Christmas, I decided to write one more post for one last preview before this afternoon’s launch! The blue dress below is my new favorite dress. Hidden away on the rack, I pulled it off yesterday and said “This is it! This is me!” Get excited because it is as comfortable and flowy as it looks! 

My friend next to me is Kelly. When she came up wearing those jeans she said, and this is a direct quote, “If I was capable of doing splits, I could be doing some major splits in these jeans!” They are seriously that stretchy and comfortable. You may already have your favorite jean, but if I were you I would be making some space in that closet of yours for these babies!


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Hello bvers,

              As I walked around campus today in my black and white polka dot rain-boots shuttering from the rain, I thought to myself sometimes you have to wait a little while for special things like pretty May flowers! Rain is no fun, and cold rain is the worst, but soon, very soon, the warm Spring days will be here with all of those flowers we love so much.  And just as we must wait for the Spring flowers, you must wait to purchase this top–but only a few more days! And I promise it is worth waiting for!


In both coral and white, this top is sure to please! Get it early, because it will won’t die like real flowers. It is super flattering and comfy–this is a Spring must have! Get it at bevello.com in less than a week–opening April 1st!



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Sup bevello bvers??

Aprils almost here!!

The sun’s coming out, the weathers getting warmer(except our random NC March snow storm), the flowers are blossoming again and the butterflies and bumble bees are coming out. Which means a few things….Finally!! We get to hang outside more! and……. is your spring/summer wardrobe still cute ???

Not seeing much in your closet??

Check us out for our spring arrivals like this outfit that reminded me of a little bumble bee. Its bright and fresh and has bold colors with yellow contrasting the black in a color blocking effect.

Sunray Yellow Tube Dress with Midnight Black Slouchy Black Cardigan

Sunray Yellow Tube Dress with Midnight Black Slouchy Black Cardigan

Sunray Yellow Tube Dress


  Midnight Black Slouchy Black Cardigan


P.S.  Its never too early to start planning future halloween costume ideas. How cute would this beeeee for Halloween this year? I mean, throw on a ditzy attennae with some leggings and cute black boots.  SEXY and CUTE!  I am all about a sexy halloween costume thats comfortable AND warm!

P.S.S.- Check out this cool video I found for awesome eye make up how to that matches this outfit beeeeuuutifully! 

bve ,


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