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Bevellonians, meet my newest bevello must-have:

Ain’t she a beaut? I have to admit, I’m just a TINY bit biased by the awesome Carolina blue color. But beyond that, I love the empire waist and bubble! The shape would be flattering on anybody. Seriously — if you eat too much the night before, it totally doesn’t matter.

Please also note the bow. That is an instant +10 points. Nice choice of white for the embroidery — it complements the light blue perfectly!

The dress was made by one of our emerging designers, Miss Closet. Pair it with some cute strappy sandals (I choose these!) and go to the park. Or to the mall. Or to a football game. Or to the mailbox. Wherever you want to wear it, I don’t care — heads will turn!


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Howdy bvers!

I was thrilled to learn that some REALLY good stuff went on sale while I was gone.  I mean dresses, tops,cardigans, tanks! and its really CUTE stuff too! not that ugly bottom of the bargin bin stuff that no one ever wants!

So please check out our sale page!


These dresses are super cute!  The silk screen black and yellow flower one is perfect for a summer wedding!

org price $130.00= new price $95.00

org price $130.00= new price $95.00



               The sunburst dress is by max and cleo which is a division on BCBG

org price $140.00 = new price $105.00

org price $140.00 = new price $105.00



             The aryn K cream and embroidered dress has always been a favorite!

org price 115.00 = new price $90.00

org price 115.00 = new price $90.00


       I ve had a lot of people adore this dress too! So cute and comfy! and extremely flattering on almost everyone!



                                     jump on it!  jump on it!! 





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Alright bvers!

  Hope you are all loving the site!  We’ve gotten a great response so far!     ♥ Every friday I want to start a  “Mary’s Must-Haves”  blog post!

These are my absolute fave’s on bevello!  I really feel passionate about these items and will most likely have them in my closet soon. 

But think of this post as my favor to you!  Thats right! This is a heads up post that you should grab these items quick because they are SURE to sell out!  Like I said before- we aim for uniqueness here at bevello and only limited quantities are available!  So please get them while they are still available!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!


1.  Ivory Cream Knit and Crochet Sweater


2. Sunray Yellow Patchwork Sewn Bubble Dress


3.  Ivory Cream  Ruffle Cropped Jacket


4.  Teal Green Plaid Ruffle Blouse


5.  Sunray Yellow Short Sleeve Cardigan


  Alright ladies! Consider yourself  Warned and informed!  Get em’ NOW at www.bevello.com before they are gone. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  I’ll be getting a little mexican tonite (hmmm-peach margarita on friday! nothing like it) and doing up my friend Beth’s birthday Saturday! Shout out to Beth Casto! What are ya’ll doing?  Better yet what are you wearing??  I’d love to hear from yall!  Let me in on your weekend plans and what kind fashion you have in store!  Cause if your like me- I save all my good stuff for the weekends!  Hope to hear from you soon



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Dressing up doesn’t always have to be so, well…… dressy!

Heres some ultra comfy, ultra cute casual dresses from bevello!
Since its getting warmer the dress is the easy pick up and go outfit for any girl. You don’t need to put much thought into these outfits.

Lavender Purple Casual Dress

Lavender Purple Casual Dress

  Lavender Purple Casual Dress



Throw one of these dresses with some rainbows or wedges. Maybe a cute pair of earrings and BAM- cuteness personified in a snap!

Jade Green Sleeveless Dress and Ivory Cream Vintage Slip dress

Jade Green Sleeveless Dress and Ivory Cream Vintage Slip dress

Ivory Cream Vintage Slip dress


Jade Green Sleeveless


Great thing about these pieces is once your done for the day and you come home to relax you don’t have to turn to your sweatpants and tee-shirts to get comfortable. These dresses are made for lounging ! So even when your being a home-body on the couch, your style is still in tact! Yup we got it like that at bevello. We make it easy to look feminine and put together even when its a simple movie night at home with your man
Bevello is love and we want to dress you up in our love!
So I added Madonna’s dress you up in my love for fun.  Check the sweet 80’s outfits!

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