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You’ve offically hit up the best blogspot that has all you need to know about last nights “Fashion Show” Episode.

“Every designer needs to have a few tricks up their sleeve and in this week’s Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge the designers need to prove they know the tricks of the trade in a “repair relay race.” In the elimination challenge, the designers must collaborate and create a unified line of coats that cohesively addresses every season — Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.”

Bravo’s Rate their Looks: http://tinyurl.com/qqkeek

Who do you think pulled out the best coat? I thought daniella took it this week personally!

Each week there’s an option to buy the winning outfit: I wasn’t really feeling andrew’s winning look but I do LOVE the retail cut of the piece he made for sale to the public!

A pretty ingenious idea. A coat that doubles as a short spring bubble style or a long trench.  I am actually considering this coat! Could we be seeing this new silhoette on our coat racks this fall?

Take a peek at what’s on sale from the previous winning looks

 Finally, I want the bevello readers input! Who do you think should have won this week? Check in on our poll. 

Til next week bvers!



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My new obession the “fashion show” was on last night. I just wanted to see if anyone else was upset that Reco wasn’t even recognized for his dress he made! I thought it was one of the better constructed pieces. Anna’s was classically pretty but very safe. I feel that in these fashion reality shows the contestants are so quick to do the high waisted skirt and the high neck sleeveless number and it always wins! I remember seeing this on project runway! The judges had it right with Daniella this week. The short jumpsuit and sheer jacket with bow was a great look and wasn’t playing it safe.

Bravo has a great poll where you can be the judge and see all the looks.


Here is the last ten minutes and in my opinion the most entertaining part of the show.

Have a great weekend bvers!

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