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here at bevello, online clothing boutique, we had an amazing response to this Olive green Crochet tank by Trinity!  Scooped up by customers and fashion bloggers were loving it!

Olive Green Crochet Tank
Olive Green Crochet Tank

Read why the bloggers were eating this organic tank up!

UPDATED PNG Fig and Sage Banner 1-9-09




 Well fantastic news bvers!  Its baaaaccck…..the popular crochet tank by trinity that is virtually sold out! Only this time its in an amazing CORAL color!  So bright and summery.  I have to have one of these for myself!

Coral Crochet Tank by Trinity

Coral Crochet Tank by Trinity

ORDER HERE!!http://tinyurl.com/lpv47s 

Wanna know more? Read on:

“Business in the front, party in the back. No were not talking about the mullet! But rather another great piece from our organic cotton collection. This soft coral tank is a basic tank that flares out in the front. When you turn around you get a lovely eye full of coral crochet design in the back. Show off those sexy shoulder blades in this comfy easy to wear piece!”


  This tank sells! so if you love it! get it with a quickness…. it won’t be available for long!


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bevello’s  kimono dress is one of this season’s best bets for so many reasons!  It fits every shape and body type!  Flattering contour and so comfy!  You also will not feel too under or over dressed in this throw on and go ensemble! Flying tomato makes this bright and fun item! Flying tomato is one of bevello’s independent designers  featured on our site.


 Shoes are key to this dress!  Which  shoe do you think fits this dress’s personality the best?

   A :  Stuart Weitzman Gladio



    B :   Ralph Lauren “Beth”


 C:  Delia’s Robyn Wedge156174_cog_w      http://tinyurl.com/r6p6bd


    D:    Coconuts Braided Sandal



     E:   Justina Wedge




    F:   Caroline Beaded Wedge




Vote Here! 

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I really can’t! these clutches are soooooo freakin’ CUTE!

Envelope Clutch and Tweet Wallets from bevello

Envelope Clutch and Tweet Wallets from bevello

I had to get on here and post these for our loyal readers so that you could snatch them up quick! We have very limited quantities so get yours now!

I am so in-LOVE (bve) with this purple envelope clutch.  I WILL be purchasing this very soon!

Lavender envelope clutch

Lavender envelope clutch


Dusty Rose Tweet Wallet

Dusty Rose Tweet Wallet

Mustard Tan Tweet Wallet

Mustard Tan Tweet Wallet

    These little carry-arounds are so easy to adapt to any summer dress or outfit.  The colors are pastel and vintage.  In the summer, with the added heat you want to avoid lugging around anything superfluous and sweaty (ex. a big leather bag).  So trade in your heavy handbag for a vintage clutch this summer.  Hurry though! These are gonna sell like ice cream on a hot day!


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Some things are just better off together:

*Peanut butter and Jelly

*Pencil and Paper

* Hammer and Nail

* Mickey and Minnie

*Ying and Yang

* Bee and Honey

* Strawberries and Chocolate

* Dumb and Dumber

Well you catch my drift.  At bevello we’ve recently stumbled upon our greatest combination to date…..

bevello and Cupcakes!

Yeah we think its pretty genius too!  We were out and about downtown Raleigh yesterday during our photo shoot with Cate and Ashley when we had an urge for something sweet, something decadent, something girlie…..and there it was laminated in the sunshine……

the cupcake shoppe bakery

We saw the trendy pink and brown vintage detail sign and we knew we had found a place where we belonged.  The windows were adorned in a spring rain theme.  Tulips springing forth from brightly colored rain boots on a green grass mat.

Walking in you feel instantly sweeter before your tongue has even tasted the fluffy cake and whipped butter cream.  Vintage style table and chairs and antique drop down light fixtures.  Something so minimalistic yet fresh, fun and feminine.  An antique cash register and crendensa are signs that its vintage but simultaneously hip on the modern trends (hmmm sounds kinda like us!)

Immediately one of our new arrivals’ called out to us “Put me on! and take pictures of me in here! I have found my home” (Yeah, dresses talking! this place has the kind of effect!)

So we did!  Ashley did the Ryu pink and brown silk vintage dress much justice (http://www.bevello.com/product_p/rd3253pk.htm).   With origami ribbon detail, a pleated empire waist and bubble bottom with a brown silk ruffle, it was surely as irresistible as the cupcakes on our plates.  We delighted our taste buds with the flavor of the week “Pink lemonade and the “Pretty in Pink.”  We were able to add some brilliant pictures to our site and get our sugar fix for the day.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dress by Ryu

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dress by Ryu

Sarah Coleman owner and baker of the cupcake shoppe (www.thecupcakeshopperaleigh.com) welcomed us warmly with her support and applauded bevello for our new site.  We hope that Sarah with her beautiful cupcakes and bevello will make be another epic combination. Love is best when it is both given and received.  bevello fell in love today with the cupcake shoppe bakery and our brand new Ryu dress. We think the cupcake shoppe might love us back (blushing)

the cupcake shoppe

the cupcake shoppe



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So What’s going on at the bevello office today??

Oh so much going on today!  Its Chan’s birthday! So lots of people stopping by the office to say give their B-day wishes and drop off cookies and cakes and chocolates!  This place is not helping my upcoming bathing suit season! 

 We had an amazing photo shoot today with Cate and our new model Ashley or as Cate likes to call her “Yako Taco”. I am so jealous of her nickname!  We’ve also got a bunch of friends coming to check out the place and looking at our stuff!  Here’s a few of the favorites our buddy’s are digging. Check em out!

What the ladies bve!

What the ladies bve!

Russet Brown Butterfly Tunic


White Embroidered Bubble Dress


Jade Green Rouche Ribbon Dress


Good times, good friends, good cake!  Til tomorrow



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Howdy bvers!

 I just wanted to clue you all in on this amazing bargin we have on the website RIGHT NOW!!  Its this adorable vintage knit sweater top.  Cate our model/Intern paired it with her basic american apparel black skirt but it would also be so cute with some black trousers or of course jeans! 

Grayish White Knit Lace Tank by Trinity

Grayish White Knit Lace Tank by Trinity

Grayish White Knit Lace Tank


Basic tank meets vintage details with this oh-so-cute knit tank. This top features a true double layer of gray knit on top of white knit. Two swoops of vintage lace scoop along the neckline and tie into a tiny bow on the right side. The gray straps are gathered at the top with a two tone double layer ribbon on both sides of the tank. This tank is just begging for a cameo broach to complete that casual vintage look! (55% linen 45% cotton)

  Take it from me! This is a very high quality top!  I want it for my black cardigan with pleated detail I just bought. (http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=650887002&tid=brfr1r)  And psssttt… here is the best part!  This top is a STEAL for only $35.00.  So get it before it’s gone!!  I know I am!

Talk to you tomorrow



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Happy Monday bvers!

  Hope everyone had a ridculously good weekend!  My mexican dinner was very tasty on friday and I finished out the weekend celebrating my friend Beth’s week long birthday! Yes, she referred to herself at the “Birthday Pricess”  What did every else do? I’d love to hear from you and hear what kind of fashion you sported as well as any favorite trends you were seeing out? 

  I was at an irish pub here in Raleigh called Napper Tandy’s.  It was so nice outside so my friends and I were just enjoying cocktails outside.  I saw a lot of ladies in basic tanks and tees paired with flip flops.  I went a little father with my favorite light wash jeans, my worn-in jessica simpson tan peep toe pumps and a ditzy choral floral chiffon ruffle blouse.  Anyone else care to share or post some pics of what they were wearing or better yet did you see some what not to wear moments??  Any Fashion Do’s and Fashion Don’t you dares?

Here’s a blouse from bevello that was similar to what I wore out on saturday. I love the feminity and light movement of the chiffon.  So perfect for the hot warmer weather thats approaching us.  Get it at www.bevello.com

Floral Mardi Gras Top

Floral Mardi Gras Top

Floral Mardi Gras Top 


 Til tomorrow bves


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