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The evolution of the one piece bathing suit:

ughh yeah summers here. fabulous.  I mean… FABULOUS!  well i can’t exactly hide my reluctancy to throw myself in a bath suit once again.  Yeah I got curves. You know… a little more than I should. But So do a lot of other girls!

So this year instead of the bikini, I am gonna try out the hot new style in swimwear, THE ONE PIECE.

  I literally have not worn one of these since my speedo days.  When I was growing up you didn’t wear a bikini until you were at least in high school.  So we opted for options like these.


    Yeah I dunno. Maybe its cause I was in a catholic school.  Even the cool girls wore these. I believe it was the style right along with umbros.  Traditional pool party garb in the mid-nineties was colored umbro shorts with an over sized T-shirt (sleeves rolled up). The t-shirt was usually about 2 sizes too big and said things like “love you earth” or a hip hop cartoon Tee.  Gimme a holla if you remember this tragic fashion! 

 Ok sorry for the tangent!  Oh yeah back to my focus: The one piece.  So I haven’t worn one in quite awhile.  However I figured it would be a sexy yet conservative alternative to the bikini this summer.


So here’s a few of the options I am considering.  Help me pick what style I should try this summer!

Forever 21

Forever 21

Option 1- Magenta Forever 21
Old Navy

Old Navy



Option 2- Purple Old Navy







Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret

Option 3-Taupe Victoria Secret
Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret

                               Option 4  –  Purple Victoria Secret
or old fashion email mgillogly@bevello.com

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Alright bvers!

  Hope you are all loving the site!  We’ve gotten a great response so far!     ♥ Every friday I want to start a  “Mary’s Must-Haves”  blog post!

These are my absolute fave’s on bevello!  I really feel passionate about these items and will most likely have them in my closet soon. 

But think of this post as my favor to you!  Thats right! This is a heads up post that you should grab these items quick because they are SURE to sell out!  Like I said before- we aim for uniqueness here at bevello and only limited quantities are available!  So please get them while they are still available!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!


1.  Ivory Cream Knit and Crochet Sweater


2. Sunray Yellow Patchwork Sewn Bubble Dress


3.  Ivory Cream  Ruffle Cropped Jacket


4.  Teal Green Plaid Ruffle Blouse


5.  Sunray Yellow Short Sleeve Cardigan


  Alright ladies! Consider yourself  Warned and informed!  Get em’ NOW at www.bevello.com before they are gone. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  I’ll be getting a little mexican tonite (hmmm-peach margarita on friday! nothing like it) and doing up my friend Beth’s birthday Saturday! Shout out to Beth Casto! What are ya’ll doing?  Better yet what are you wearing??  I’d love to hear from yall!  Let me in on your weekend plans and what kind fashion you have in store!  Cause if your like me- I save all my good stuff for the weekends!  Hope to hear from you soon



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