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It’s amazing how you can rejuvenate an old outfit when you throw a brand-spankin-new accessory into the mix. My favorite piece to spice things up? NECKLACES.

I just love themmmmmm. We’ve gone through the preppy silver charmed necklace phase, the Hollister-infused puka shell surf chokers — but this summer, I’m gettin’ an hippie vibe in the jewelry department. I’m talking tarnished, leathery, beaded, flower power…I know, it’s kind of hard to articulate, but I think you’ll see what I mean.

Check out this necklace from Forever 21.
It TOTALLY makes me think of a flower child, I don’t know about you all. Very cute, though!

Also lovin’ this necklace from Fossil:
Peace sign pendants are huuuuuge right now.

And THIS bevello newbie looks straight out of the ’70s:
Good call on the lime green! It was made by one of our independent designers, Foxy Originals. Very bright and eye-catching.

Anyone else have a great 70s fashion find? Leave it in the comments!


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here at bevello, online clothing boutique, we had an amazing response to this Olive green Crochet tank by Trinity!  Scooped up by customers and fashion bloggers were loving it!

Olive Green Crochet Tank
Olive Green Crochet Tank

Read why the bloggers were eating this organic tank up!

UPDATED PNG Fig and Sage Banner 1-9-09




 Well fantastic news bvers!  Its baaaaccck…..the popular crochet tank by trinity that is virtually sold out! Only this time its in an amazing CORAL color!  So bright and summery.  I have to have one of these for myself!

Coral Crochet Tank by Trinity

Coral Crochet Tank by Trinity

ORDER HERE!!http://tinyurl.com/lpv47s 

Wanna know more? Read on:

“Business in the front, party in the back. No were not talking about the mullet! But rather another great piece from our organic cotton collection. This soft coral tank is a basic tank that flares out in the front. When you turn around you get a lovely eye full of coral crochet design in the back. Show off those sexy shoulder blades in this comfy easy to wear piece!”


  This tank sells! so if you love it! get it with a quickness…. it won’t be available for long!

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Stephanie Gascon, Tucson, AZ !!!!


Check out Stephanie’s entry!  Bevello, online clothing boutique, especially loves your choice of an eco-friendly handbag!(Recycled cotton lining dyed with tea leaves completes the earth-conscious style. )

Stephanie has won $20.00 in bevello bucks towards her next purchase!  Thank you all who particpated. Please check out the blog on tuesday of next week (June 2nd) for next week’s item in which you too can win $20.00 in bevello bucks towards YOUR next purchase!

C & C California Rosebud Organic Cotton Dress


Merona Sport Ballet Flats / Target


The Sak ‘Eco Harmony’ Organic Drawstring Bag



HOW: The Heather Grey Cropped Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu: is worn over the C & C Company tank dress. I prefer unbuttoned, but it would look great either way. I love ballet flats and think the gray matches the cardigan but the two tone and metallic accent adds texture and contrast!! I love The Sak bags and this one complements the dress and is also great for the environment.

WHERE: For me I would wear this outfit anywhere! For meeting a friend for a nice casual dinner (all dinners in Tucson are pretty casual – LOL), or for a daytime shopping excursion, or for any daytime social event in the summer here.

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  Here it is ladies and gents! 

The Tuesday contest !

 Some of you know the deal and some of you don’t.  Here’s the run down:

bevello clothing boutique wants to see YOUR  personal Style!

Give us three items online that go with the following bevello item:

”]Heather Grey Cropped Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu:]


Send an email to Mgillogly@bevello.com  with the following:

1. 3 items online that stylize this outfit

2.  Include pictures of the items and the websites where it came from

3.  How you would wear the outfit and where you would wear the outfit

  YOU HAVE UNTIL 1:30 pm on 5/27/09 TO ENTER THE CONTEST !


  Dear Bevello:

Here is my Contest entry: 

City Style Python Print Maxi Dress (NY and Co)

City Style Python Print Maxi Dress (NY and Co)

BC Footwear Earthquake Sandel

BC Footwear Earthquake


Kathy Van Zeeland "Stud Muffin"

Kathy Van Zeeland "Stud Muffin"


HOW:    The ruffled cardigan is meant to be worn with the ovcr the Ny and CO maxi python dress either buttoned or unbuttoned.  The gray BC footwear compliments the hints of gray in the dress. Finally throw the Kathy Van Zeland Bag over your shoulder to bring the outfit together!

Where:   This look is great for a wedding shower on the porch of a country club with your girlfriends from work!


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Orla Kiely Designs

Orla Kiely Designs

About 3 years ago I found this amazing designer, Orla Kiely at Anthropologie.  I was so drawn to her vintage and simplistic prints.  I bought “the big zip wallet” for a $88.oo which usually is about 3 times my usual wallet budget.


  But let me  personally vouch for this London based designer!  This is by far the best, most durable, easy to clean, fits everything and cutest wallet I have EVER owned.  I was able to have it for a year and I could of had it longer if I kept it a little cleaner (my bad).  I bought another one this year (picture above).  I know many of her customers must be repeats!

     I get so many compliments on it and now her intriguing patterns have become increasingly popular!  Check out some of her stuff I posted below. Orla initailly started out with handbags and wallets and now has expanded to clothing and even a home line at target! (WATCH FUN VIDEO) This product is worth every penny.

    The quality is outstanding!  I don’t think I will ever get enough of her vision for an adorable and long lasting line of fashion items that embody a retro 60’s and 70’s conservative vibe with a modern vintage twist!

 Here’s an exerpt from her website : www.orlakiely.com:

The world of Orla Kiely is one where color, pattern, graphic control, texture and rhythm continually work and rework together. Orla has a unique, immediately recognisable design language, developed through graphic patterns that celebrate her optimistic spirit. As down-to-earth as her designs are popular, the key to what drives Orla is her fixation on the evolution of a signature style, devotion to quality and practicality.”

Orla Kiely Handbag

Orla Kiely Handbag

Big Zip Wallet "dandilion"

Big Zip Wallet "dandilion"

Target Housewares and Apron

Target Housewares and Apron

Orla Kiely Handbag

Orla Kiely Handbag

Orla Kiely Pear Beach bag

Orla Kiely Pear Beach bag

Orla Kiely Bathing suit

Orla Kiely Bathing suit


   Finally!  I think the reason I love this “Tulu” clutch from bevello is because the purple floral print on the strap  is so reminiscent of the Orla Kiely prints.  Bevello, online clothing boutique specializes in researching emerging independent designers such as “Tulu” that bring cuteness and joy into everyones closet!

"Tulu" clutch from bevello $40.00

"Tulu" clutch from bevello $40.00

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Bevellonians, meet my newest bevello must-have:

Ain’t she a beaut? I have to admit, I’m just a TINY bit biased by the awesome Carolina blue color. But beyond that, I love the empire waist and bubble! The shape would be flattering on anybody. Seriously — if you eat too much the night before, it totally doesn’t matter.

Please also note the bow. That is an instant +10 points. Nice choice of white for the embroidery — it complements the light blue perfectly!

The dress was made by one of our emerging designers, Miss Closet. Pair it with some cute strappy sandals (I choose these!) and go to the park. Or to the mall. Or to a football game. Or to the mailbox. Wherever you want to wear it, I don’t care — heads will turn!

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You’ve offically hit up the best blogspot that has all you need to know about last nights “Fashion Show” Episode.

“Every designer needs to have a few tricks up their sleeve and in this week’s Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge the designers need to prove they know the tricks of the trade in a “repair relay race.” In the elimination challenge, the designers must collaborate and create a unified line of coats that cohesively addresses every season — Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.”

Bravo’s Rate their Looks: http://tinyurl.com/qqkeek

Who do you think pulled out the best coat? I thought daniella took it this week personally!

Each week there’s an option to buy the winning outfit: I wasn’t really feeling andrew’s winning look but I do LOVE the retail cut of the piece he made for sale to the public!

A pretty ingenious idea. A coat that doubles as a short spring bubble style or a long trench.  I am actually considering this coat! Could we be seeing this new silhoette on our coat racks this fall?

Take a peek at what’s on sale from the previous winning looks

 Finally, I want the bevello readers input! Who do you think should have won this week? Check in on our poll. 

Til next week bvers!


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