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You know what I can tell is going to be huge this summer? SHEER. I’m talking mesh, lace, chiffon — you name it. And the more striking the pattern, the better.

I love this top from Forever 21:

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Moonlight Blossom Top

The blue and yellow work so well together! Plus, you gotta love the oh-so-slimming tie sash around the waist. Only $18!

I am huge into Betsey Johnson, and I seriously covet this dress:

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Yellow is going to be a great color this season, and I love the pink roses! It looks very lightweight, too. Yeah, it’s $250. A girl can dream, right?

And from our own closet, we’ve got this bevello beauty:

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Ivory Cream Lace Tie Blouse by Ryu

I love the way this top fits! It’s not super-tight so it looks really flowy and cute, which is prefect for summertime. Also loving the lace! On sale now for $35.

Let me tell you, wearing this light, airy stuff in this crazy, 90-degree North Carolina weather is just fine by me. So, there you have it, super cute AND practical. Does it get much better than that?


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Good afternoon Bevelloers!
Well its thursday night here in the good ol’ RDU and if you’re like me,  you know that tonight is a BIG night to go out! Sometimes there’s more going on thursdays than your typical Friday and Saturday nights!

Lots of local nightspots have a lot going on and so much to choose from.

Check out www.zspotlight.com for local events and ideas for nightlife.  This website has local RDU night spots and events.  If anyone else has some local night life websites in their area and wanna share. Please leave a comment!

Thought I’d share some tips to help make a night on the town even better! Believe it or not.  Sometimes one of the best parts of the night is kicking back and getting ready to go out with your favorite people!

  1. Invite over your besties for a night on the town.  Keep it drama free.  If there’s girls you know that won’t get along, meet them at the club!
  2. Music is key- no sad mellow Radiohead or Nirvana here ladies.  Pump it up with some Rihanna, Lady Gaga and flo rida. I posted the song Im jamming too right now- “In the Ayer: Flo rida ft Will i am ” click the link in my post!
  3. Light cocktails and Lite bites: Come on we are Ladies here right?!? Nix the beast lite for some tastier concoctions.  Try Instead: pomegrant wine sprizter http://www.ehow.com/how_2169969_wine-spritzer.html Or my favorite Pink  lemonade cocktail: Easy on the wallet and the stomach

1 bottle of Pink champage

1 bottle of Pink lemonade

1 pint of vodka

Fill class with ice, pour 1/3 of each ingredient, garnish with lemon or lime and finish with a straw and mini umbrella!

4.  Everybody usually gathers in the kicthen before getting ready so get some easy appetizers to fill everyones tummy !

Veggies and Ranch

Spinch and Artichoke dip

Chips and Salsa (add a can of black beans and corn for color and taste)

5.  Collaborate make up!  More things to choose from the better right?  Your girlfriend could have an eye shawdow that works great with your shirt and you could have a lipstick that sets off her dress!

6. Put together the perfect outfit!   I suggest planning your outfit in advance to limit that last minute “I have nothing to wear” syndrome

Dressing to the nines in a sexy short dress and heels is fun when going out. However usually we feel our best when we are comfortable.  Which means we reach for a cute top and our hottest most  flattering jeans the majority of the time. 

 In my experience when you know you look good – you exude a confidece , a beauty that makes your inner self shine and therefore you automatically look better!  How much more fun have you had when you know you look AMAZING???

bevello has some bold yellow and green flowy chiffon blouses that look amazing with skinny jeans and some killer heels. You are sure to look sexy and confident in these attention getting colors!

check em out!

Sunray Yellow Floral Blouse and Kelly Green Sleeveless Neck tie Top

Sunray Yellow Floral Blouse and Kelly Green Sleeveless Neck tie Top

 Sunray Yellow Floral Blouse  http://www.bevello.com/product_p/bt3329.htm 

Kelly Green Sleeveless Neck Tie Top



Last but not least!

8.   Think fun- think safe!  Call a cab or zingo(www.callzingo.com) a sober driver that drives your car home for you.   An easy way to ruin a night is a DWI . When a cab is split with 3 or more girls that comes to about 5 bucks each way!

Go out with every intention of looking great and making amazing memories!

Anyone have some pics from their thursday night adventures?  Take a pic of you and your friends in bevello clothes and send them to me!


and I’ll post them to our blog!

Talk to yall soon!



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