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Do your Bridesmaids a favor! Lose the formalities!

While at home this weekend I opened up a pandora’s box in my own childhood closet. 

 Boxes, like 17 of them, of old notes from my entire grade school and high school years, My sister’s wedding china (Mind you she’s been married for 6 years and its never made it to her house)  And Dresses…..lots of them! Prom’s, Homecomings and of course Bridesmaids! 

  Why do we keep these when we know were never going to wear them again? On the off chance that “Oh I can just get it hemmed and make it a cocktail dress.”

  Who are we kidding? Every bride claims that the bridesmaids dress that she is choosing is totally re-wearable!  Maybe….. as a donated Prom dress!

   Now, see I am very aware now-a-days how far the wedding industry has come along with these new styles of bridesmaids dresses. Finally the cut and silhouette have improved but one thing hasn’t- The price!  Tack on the alteration and you’re lookin at $200.00-300.00 For a dress that may or not be attractive, your style or too formal for any other occasion than well….being a bridesmaid in another wedding.

    Well summer’s officially here, which is  the most popular time slot in wedding season.  If you’re having a casual summer wedding I have a great idea that your bridesmaids will be extremely thankful for…..yup cheap, mainstream find em’ almost anywhere, Bridesmaid dresses!  That still look pretty enough and formal enough for a wedding!

       Just shop around online or well known speciality stores for a dress that fits your wedding theme.  Here are some great reasons why you should avoid the formal bridal party dresses in lue for a more stylish casual option.

1. Savings!-  Huge savings depending exactly what kind of dress your wanting. If you’ve been in a wedding before, you know all the extra expenses required for being a bridesmaid.  Hair and make up, Decorations, food and games for bachalorette and Bridal showers, Gifts for wedding, showers and bachalorette, shoes for the dress. It goes on and on ! Lets give our friends a break by picking out a dress they will be proud to pay for and that won’t break the bank!

2 Versitility– Think of the selection you can choose from. The Mall or internet is your oyster!

3. Avoid the Pins- Less possibility there will be any need for Alterations

4.  Schedule your own fitting– Instead of 1-2 fittings scheduled in the brides hometown, You have the convience of ordering and going to the store and trying on the dress.

5.  Wearability– The dress doesn’t have the formality that holds you back from being able to wear typical bridesmaids dresses. You can wear a mainstream dress again….and again!

6.  The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift:  Give a useable and appropriate gift! Skip paying for the jewelry or some cheesy ingraved item thats bound to get trashed. Get them the dress! You can find many options from $25.00 and up!  Oh! I am so serious!

Check out some possibilities! My favorite of all (honestly, not partial at all) is Bevello’s,online fashion boutique,Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dress.  This dress is formal enough to be bridesmaid savvy, but also so re-wearable!  Its very girly and feminine and goes great with brown and pink themed weddings!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dress

bevello $55.00

bevello $55.00

Delias "Lianna Dress" 44.50

Delias "Lianna Dress" 44.50

 Forever 21 "Enchanted Cocktail Dress" 24.80

Forever 21 "Enchanted Cocktail Dress" 24.80

Alloy "Chiffon Halter Dress" 29.50

Alloy "Chiffon Halter Dress" 29.50


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Just wanted to share with you all a video about one of our most popular vendors [Ryu:]


The designer’s name is Stella Lim Ryu. On this video Sylvia who represents the fashion line gives a quick insight into [Ryu:]. She explains the fabrics and subtle details of the line.

At bevello we’ve been getting great response to this line.  [Ryu:] is so representative of the vision we have for bevello.  She has such vintage and feminine pieces with lots of supple fabrics and ruffles.  However the cuts are still very modern and contemporary!

Here are a few of my favorite [Ryu:] pieces from bevello.  Hurry and get them quick since we only have 6 days left on our 20% off promotion! coupon code “spring”

”]  Ivory Cream Large Flower Tank by [Ryu:](http://www.bevello.com/product_p/rt5032iv.htm)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dress by Ryu

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Dress by Ryu


”]Heather Grey Cropped Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu:](http://www.bevello.com/product_p/rt5082gy.htm )

And always FREE SHIPPING at bevello!!

Have bvely weekend!



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