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Alright bvers!

  Hope you are all loving the site!  We’ve gotten a great response so far!     ♥ Every friday I want to start a  “Mary’s Must-Haves”  blog post!

These are my absolute fave’s on bevello!  I really feel passionate about these items and will most likely have them in my closet soon. 

But think of this post as my favor to you!  Thats right! This is a heads up post that you should grab these items quick because they are SURE to sell out!  Like I said before- we aim for uniqueness here at bevello and only limited quantities are available!  So please get them while they are still available!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!


1.  Ivory Cream Knit and Crochet Sweater


2. Sunray Yellow Patchwork Sewn Bubble Dress


3.  Ivory Cream  Ruffle Cropped Jacket


4.  Teal Green Plaid Ruffle Blouse


5.  Sunray Yellow Short Sleeve Cardigan


  Alright ladies! Consider yourself  Warned and informed!  Get em’ NOW at www.bevello.com before they are gone. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  I’ll be getting a little mexican tonite (hmmm-peach margarita on friday! nothing like it) and doing up my friend Beth’s birthday Saturday! Shout out to Beth Casto! What are ya’ll doing?  Better yet what are you wearing??  I’d love to hear from yall!  Let me in on your weekend plans and what kind fashion you have in store!  Cause if your like me- I save all my good stuff for the weekends!  Hope to hear from you soon




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Afternoon Ya’ll

 Ahh the ruffle.  Its certainly come a long way since the light blue tuxedo my dad wore in the 70’s when he married my mom! 

I am seeing an indulgence of ruffles all over for spring.  Ruffles are a trend that has erupted amongst the fashion scene and is here to stay!   Ruffles are ultra feminine and girly. They can be equally as flattering especially on a blouse or dress where you are drawing attention away from certain areas. 

Predominently I have seen ruffles mostly in pastels and spring colors.    While the light hues go hand in hand with this romantic trend I wanted to show that ruffles look amazing in any color palate.

  Check out my VERY FAVORITE bevello dress!  Its a super soft jersey cotton with multiple ruffles at the sleeves and bottom tier.  A color contrast white piping really accentuates the multiple ruffles.


 Midnight Black Ruffle Dress


I’ll admit it! This will definitely be one of my first bevello purchases!and since we are offically live I suggest getting it soon!  As I have mentioned VERY LIMITED quantities!

til next time



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Finally!….Finally!  WE ARE LIVE!!! 

I can’t believe its finally here!  We are up and running and the website is so beautiful!  I am so impressed and proud of the bevello team for what we have accomplished thus far.  We know that everything can only go up from here.  

So if you haven’t already  Please check out the page www.bevello.com

We have so many amazing products that I can’t get enough of! 

What do you think of the site?  Let me know!  I am dying to see what everyone’s favorite items are ! This only helps us in picking out future items customed to your taste! So comment on this post and give us your feedback! 

Also….if you haven’t read the about us information…I have a warning for you!  Please! Please if you see something you like….GET IT! Immediately not just because we want you as our customer( you know we want to love you). 

But because at bevello we aim for uniqueness!  Which means we have VERY LIMITED quantities of each item.  We know how embararressing it is to go out and be seen in the same top or dress as someone else.  We want your favorite bevello piece to be just for you(ok and maybe a few select others). So don’t miss out on our great items and suffer from shoppers regret. (“Darn!  I should’ve gotten that when I saw it!”)  Trust me I know the feeling and if you are obessed with fashion like me- its the equivilant to getting your socks wet or putting on a fresh coat of lipgloss and having the wind blow your hair so its gets all stuck on your lips!  Well those are horrible feelings for me anyway! No regrets at bevello only love!

You can’t find this kind of love in the mall!  When something sells quick, they reorder it in bulk to make money.  We want to make love not money ! ♥ Sure we have a business to run and we want to succeed so that you can be a repeat customer but having you satisfied and impressed with bevello is our number one priority!

Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for even more great things from your go-to website for the best online shopping experience there is!



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