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Hello fellow fashionistas!image_fashionista1

You are offically reading the first EVER bevellog blog post!! OMG!
I’m Mary, the voice of bevello. I am here to not only keep you updated on everything bevello but offer you style advice, chat about current events and random ramblings.

Who am I? I am a born and bread southern belle with a passion for fashion and anything related to it. After graduating from UNCW with a psych degree, I was ready to pursue a career in Human Resources.
I had many internships and was on my way to success and a professional career. However……

One of the most important things I learned through HR that to be successful in life you have to love what you do everyday and be truly passionate about your career. So I did a 180 and decided to pursue fashion. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in this industry but I was certain that I had the “eye” for what was hot. Fashion to me was an effortless passion that came easy to me.

It is my hope we can all get together on this blog and discuss any and everything! Lets blog about whats hot and whats not, and laugh about what people SHOULD NOT WEAR!! Not to mention s tylization and tips for looking your best!

If everything goes as planned ya’ll will not only have a new an amazing new online boutique as your “go-to” store for fashion, but also a place where you can feel free to voice your opinion and interact with other fashionistas!




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