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here at bevello, online clothing boutique, we had an amazing response to this Olive green Crochet tank by Trinity!  Scooped up by customers and fashion bloggers were loving it!

Olive Green Crochet Tank
Olive Green Crochet Tank

Read why the bloggers were eating this organic tank up!

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 Well fantastic news bvers!  Its baaaaccck…..the popular crochet tank by trinity that is virtually sold out! Only this time its in an amazing CORAL color!  So bright and summery.  I have to have one of these for myself!

Coral Crochet Tank by Trinity

Coral Crochet Tank by Trinity

ORDER HERE!!http://tinyurl.com/lpv47s 

Wanna know more? Read on:

“Business in the front, party in the back. No were not talking about the mullet! But rather another great piece from our organic cotton collection. This soft coral tank is a basic tank that flares out in the front. When you turn around you get a lovely eye full of coral crochet design in the back. Show off those sexy shoulder blades in this comfy easy to wear piece!”


  This tank sells! so if you love it! get it with a quickness…. it won’t be available for long!


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Its April 22nd….. love your “Earth Day”! 

By now you’ve read the countless tips on how to save your earth.  Don’t leave the water on when you brush your teeth, change your light bulbs to florescent, walk instead of drive….Blah blah blah…

    I wanted to share some amazing products that are Eco-friendly with you that I absolutely love!

   Handbags: Check out Kim white.  She makes these amazingly cute bags !  The fabric she uses is recycled from old cars!  I have one of these little make up bags for myself. I picked a gray,black and neon green houndstooth from a 1981 Datsun!  The fabric is so soft and extra durable since it was made for cars. They fit perfect in your purse and the material is vintage yet somehow still so current !


 Shoes:   Terra Plana  is a brand new earth friendly designer shoe brand.  The company makes use of recycled materials such as quilts, Coffee Bags,Jackets; Shirts, Jeans, left over leather scraps from the car industry. Even the heels and foot beds of the shoes are made from wood from sustainable forests.

934_multiquilt_n2930_yellownubuck_nSoy Candles:    Are a great alternative to beeswax candles in many ways! Soy wax is made from a renewable source, soy wax, which is hydrogenated soybean oil.

Soy candles are cheap
Soy wax is all-natural
Soy candles last longer
Wax spills are easy to clean
Soy candles produce less soot
Scented soy candles distribute more flavour


Check out these cute candles by phebes…they’ve got great scents like “eat it raw”, fruit loops , Cucumber Wasabi and Cilantro and Taj Mahal






  Eco friendly Make-up:100-pure-hd-01

100% Pure products stand by their name. They contain nothing unnatural or chemically engineered. Their products are highly effective because they are concentrated and are free of additives and thickeners. When using a 100% Pure product, you never have to worry about harming yourself or the environment.

100% Pure products are free of toxins, chemicals, artificial chemicals, artificial colors, and harsh detergents.

100% Pure products are vegan, except for the few containing Honey, which are vegetarian. Animal fat, used in many soaps and lotions, is proven to be pore-clogging and in some cases has caused illness. 100% Pure doesn’t believe in putting your health at risk for the sake of beauty. (http://skinbotanica.com/100-pure.html)


Eco friendly Clothes:

    bevello offers 100% organic cotton separates that are a step about the usual eco-friendly basic separates you find most places. All pieces are from Trinity!  They are fashionable and trendy!  Helping the earth never looked better!






                         Go out and celebrate Earth Day in your own way! 



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