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It’s amazing how you can rejuvenate an old outfit when you throw a brand-spankin-new accessory into the mix. My favorite piece to spice things up? NECKLACES.

I just love themmmmmm. We’ve gone through the preppy silver charmed necklace phase, the Hollister-infused puka shell surf chokers — but this summer, I’m gettin’ an hippie vibe in the jewelry department. I’m talking tarnished, leathery, beaded, flower power…I know, it’s kind of hard to articulate, but I think you’ll see what I mean.

Check out this necklace from Forever 21.
It TOTALLY makes me think of a flower child, I don’t know about you all. Very cute, though!

Also lovin’ this necklace from Fossil:
Peace sign pendants are huuuuuge right now.

And THIS bevello newbie looks straight out of the ’70s:
Good call on the lime green! It was made by one of our independent designers, Foxy Originals. Very bright and eye-catching.

Anyone else have a great 70s fashion find? Leave it in the comments!


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Bevellonians, meet my newest bevello must-have:

Ain’t she a beaut? I have to admit, I’m just a TINY bit biased by the awesome Carolina blue color. But beyond that, I love the empire waist and bubble! The shape would be flattering on anybody. Seriously — if you eat too much the night before, it totally doesn’t matter.

Please also note the bow. That is an instant +10 points. Nice choice of white for the embroidery — it complements the light blue perfectly!

The dress was made by one of our emerging designers, Miss Closet. Pair it with some cute strappy sandals (I choose these!) and go to the park. Or to the mall. Or to a football game. Or to the mailbox. Wherever you want to wear it, I don’t care — heads will turn!

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You know what I can tell is going to be huge this summer? SHEER. I’m talking mesh, lace, chiffon — you name it. And the more striking the pattern, the better.

I love this top from Forever 21:

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Moonlight Blossom Top

The blue and yellow work so well together! Plus, you gotta love the oh-so-slimming tie sash around the waist. Only $18!

I am huge into Betsey Johnson, and I seriously covet this dress:

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Yellow is going to be a great color this season, and I love the pink roses! It looks very lightweight, too. Yeah, it’s $250. A girl can dream, right?

And from our own closet, we’ve got this bevello beauty:

Betsey Rose Chiffon Halter Dress

Ivory Cream Lace Tie Blouse by Ryu

I love the way this top fits! It’s not super-tight so it looks really flowy and cute, which is prefect for summertime. Also loving the lace! On sale now for $35.

Let me tell you, wearing this light, airy stuff in this crazy, 90-degree North Carolina weather is just fine by me. So, there you have it, super cute AND practical. Does it get much better than that?

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IT’S FINALLY GETTING WARMER. YES! We’re in that warm weather equinox — you know, the period between comfortably warm and miserably hot. And that means the shorts and sundresses are coming out!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so not ready to bare my winter-white legs to the world. It’s seriously time to start thinking about a tan.

But every summer I have the same battle with myself. Is having a real tan worth the sun damage? I’m terrified of skin cancer and absolutely refuse to contribute to my own premature aging, so laying out in the sun for an extended period of time and going to the tanning bed are pretty much out of the picture.

Fortunately for myself (and those of you who share my sentiment), Glamour has our backs. Just yesterday they posted a really great guide to achieving “Cannes Riviera Chic” (aka bronzed and beautiful) sans harmful UV rays.

One of the products they featured was Guerlain Terracotta Tan Enhancer Mist, a temporary on-the-go bronzer. It’s a bit pricey, though, at more than $50 a bottle.
Also featured was Benefit’s Talk To The Tan creme, also an instant bronzer. This was a bit more affordable though, at about $26 a tube.

Anyone else got any suggestions? I’ve heard about spray tans from tanning salons, but do they actually look real?


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Fellow Bevellonians, I have a confession: I secretly love the side ponytail.

I know, most people say they look ridiculous and consider them a serious faux pas in normal social situations — but hear me out. I was only alive for 1.5 years during the ’80s (aka when the side pony had it’s heydey) and unfortunately, one-year-olds pretty much have no hair so my options were limited. And I can’t help but feel deprived in missing out on this trend.

We almost had a side ponytail comeback a few years ago, and every once in a while you’ll see a celebrity donning a glammed-up version on the red carpet.  But as far as day-to-day wear goes, you just don’t see them anymore. And I really don’t know why not.

I mean, lets think about it for a second.  Normal ponytails don’t exactly make a girl feel attractive, do they? All of your hair is pretty much swept off your face and knotted up behind your head. But we wear them because they’re so convenient when there’s just no time to style.

The side ponytail, though, adds more finesse to an ensemble than a regular ponytail, but is just as quick and convenient. Sure, your hair is up, but it’s also brought to the front and can (for those with longer hair) fall in front of your shoulder quite nicely.

Now, don’t get me wrong — the side ponytail can certainly go horribly wrong. I present to you exhibits A and B:


Exhibit A

I can appreciate JLo’s effort, but this side ponytail is a bit too high and a bit to…on the side. InStyle says side ponytails work best lower, nearer to the nape of your neck.


Exhibit B

Yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on here. Again, higher side ponytails just don’t look right. Also, a rule of thumb: the more natural they look, the better. No need to use a can of hairspray to hold everything in place.

Now, let’s see it done right:


Molly Sims

That’s more like it. Instyle also suggests blow-drying your hair upside down and scrunching it before you put it in a side ponytail to give it this thick, tousled look.


Nichole Kidman

Or you can smooth it out and dress it up like Nichole Kidman!

True, it’s hard to predict now what the hairstyling trends will be this for summer.
But when I need a quick ‘do, I know what I’ll be rockin’.

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Hi, bvers!

I’m the newest addition to the bevello team and I’ll be blogging a lot this summer, so I thought I’d take a second to introduce myself!

I’m a rising senior at the University of North Carolina and I love everything Tar Heel (especially when we’re talking Wayne Ellington). I’m studying journalism and Spanish, and I lovelovelove women’s magazines.

I’ve been shopping ever since I came out of the womb, so, naturally, I have a passion for all things fashion. I love finding truly unique, striking pieces -– that’s why I’m so pumped to be working with bevello!  I’ve only been an intern for like 126 hours  (not that I’m counting…) and I’m already falling in love. So, for my very first blog post, I thought I’d share some of my favorite bevellonian pieces with you bevelloggers!

Sunray Yellow Patchwork Sewn Bubble Dress by Hazel

Sunray Yellow Patchwork Sewn Bubble Dress by Hazel

I’m a huge fan of ties and bows, and I think this dress incorporates them nicely! The simple patterns contrast well with the intricate design of the dress.

Midnight Black Ruffle Dress by WISH Collection

Midnight Black Ruffle Dress by WISH Collection

Empire waist. RUFFLES. Enough said.

Ivory Cream Accordion Knit Scarf/Shawl by [Ryu:]I LOVE this scarf. It’s so different than anything I’ve ever seen before. The scrunch just adds so much volume to an outfit — a definite eye-catcher! I may or may not have just purchased this. (OK, I totally did.)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What are some of your bevello faves? I’d love to hear 🙂

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and I can’t wait to talk fashion (good, bad and FIERCE) with you all! Let’s get this summer started!


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Hey Y’all!

Welcome to bevello–your go-to for fashion advice and trends! I am currently a senior at the University of North Carolina–go heels! And absolutely adore the color Carolina Blue :). I am so excited to be interning with bevello and can’t wait to dive into the fashion world.  I am currently studying Journalism, however, after three summers in New York and interning with a fashion magazine as a beauty guru, I have decided to take a different direction in my career. I currently write for Carolina’s fashion magazine Kaleidoscope. 

I love clothes, jewelry, handbags, and makeup–doesn’t every girl? But my job is to find you the best, most interesting and fun topics in fashion today.  Hear something new I haven’t mentioned? Let me know! Can’t wait to get to know all of you better!



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