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Hola bvers!

Another busy bevello week is winding down. Which means time for the 2nd edition of……

Mary’s Must-Haves

Saw a few of my must-haves fly out the door this week…Such as The sunray yellow patchwork  bubble dress (http://www.bevello.com/product_p/h51425.htm). 

As well as the Sunray Yellow Short Sleeve Cardigan http://www.bevello.com/product_p/sw2053.htm

So if any of you had your eye on those favorites, better snatch it up quick!

So with out further a due:  Here are the items that are currently making my heart skip a beat.  Kinda like when you see your crush! The way you get excited and your heart drops in your stomach.  Yah I know, clothes evoke a crazy passion and adrenaline high for this southern belle fashionista!

So In particular order…. Check em out and then Check out! (as in your shopping cart)

1) Turquoise Blue Color block Dress :


2)Fushia Pink Side ShoulderRuffle


3) Bronze Beauty Chirp Necklace


4) Midnight Black Slouchy Black Cardigan


5) Pearl White Patent Leather Midsize Belt




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Alright bvers!

  Hope you are all loving the site!  We’ve gotten a great response so far!     ♥ Every friday I want to start a  “Mary’s Must-Haves”  blog post!

These are my absolute fave’s on bevello!  I really feel passionate about these items and will most likely have them in my closet soon. 

But think of this post as my favor to you!  Thats right! This is a heads up post that you should grab these items quick because they are SURE to sell out!  Like I said before- we aim for uniqueness here at bevello and only limited quantities are available!  So please get them while they are still available!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!

Mary's Must Haves for April 3rd 2009!


1.  Ivory Cream Knit and Crochet Sweater


2. Sunray Yellow Patchwork Sewn Bubble Dress


3.  Ivory Cream  Ruffle Cropped Jacket


4.  Teal Green Plaid Ruffle Blouse


5.  Sunray Yellow Short Sleeve Cardigan


  Alright ladies! Consider yourself  Warned and informed!  Get em’ NOW at www.bevello.com before they are gone. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  I’ll be getting a little mexican tonite (hmmm-peach margarita on friday! nothing like it) and doing up my friend Beth’s birthday Saturday! Shout out to Beth Casto! What are ya’ll doing?  Better yet what are you wearing??  I’d love to hear from yall!  Let me in on your weekend plans and what kind fashion you have in store!  Cause if your like me- I save all my good stuff for the weekends!  Hope to hear from you soon



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