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Happy Monday bvers!

  Hope everyone had a ridculously good weekend!  My mexican dinner was very tasty on friday and I finished out the weekend celebrating my friend Beth’s week long birthday! Yes, she referred to herself at the “Birthday Pricess”  What did every else do? I’d love to hear from you and hear what kind of fashion you sported as well as any favorite trends you were seeing out? 

  I was at an irish pub here in Raleigh called Napper Tandy’s.  It was so nice outside so my friends and I were just enjoying cocktails outside.  I saw a lot of ladies in basic tanks and tees paired with flip flops.  I went a little father with my favorite light wash jeans, my worn-in jessica simpson tan peep toe pumps and a ditzy choral floral chiffon ruffle blouse.  Anyone else care to share or post some pics of what they were wearing or better yet did you see some what not to wear moments??  Any Fashion Do’s and Fashion Don’t you dares?

Here’s a blouse from bevello that was similar to what I wore out on saturday. I love the feminity and light movement of the chiffon.  So perfect for the hot warmer weather thats approaching us.  Get it at www.bevello.com

Floral Mardi Gras Top

Floral Mardi Gras Top

Floral Mardi Gras Top 


 Til tomorrow bves



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Today is the day we have been waiting for. As I tossed and turned in my sheets last night like a kid waiting for Christmas, I decided to write one more post for one last preview before this afternoon’s launch! The blue dress below is my new favorite dress. Hidden away on the rack, I pulled it off yesterday and said “This is it! This is me!” Get excited because it is as comfortable and flowy as it looks! 

My friend next to me is Kelly. When she came up wearing those jeans she said, and this is a direct quote, “If I was capable of doing splits, I could be doing some major splits in these jeans!” They are seriously that stretchy and comfortable. You may already have your favorite jean, but if I were you I would be making some space in that closet of yours for these babies!


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