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  Here it is ladies and gents! 

The Tuesday contest !

 Some of you know the deal and some of you don’t.  Here’s the run down:

bevello clothing boutique wants to see YOUR  personal Style!

Give us three items online that go with the following bevello item:

”]Heather Grey Cropped Sleeveless Cardigan by [Ryu:]


Send an email to Mgillogly@bevello.com  with the following:

1. 3 items online that stylize this outfit

2.  Include pictures of the items and the websites where it came from

3.  How you would wear the outfit and where you would wear the outfit

  YOU HAVE UNTIL 1:30 pm on 5/27/09 TO ENTER THE CONTEST !


  Dear Bevello:

Here is my Contest entry: 

City Style Python Print Maxi Dress (NY and Co)

City Style Python Print Maxi Dress (NY and Co)

BC Footwear Earthquake Sandel

BC Footwear Earthquake


Kathy Van Zeeland "Stud Muffin"

Kathy Van Zeeland "Stud Muffin"


HOW:    The ruffled cardigan is meant to be worn with the ovcr the Ny and CO maxi python dress either buttoned or unbuttoned.  The gray BC footwear compliments the hints of gray in the dress. Finally throw the Kathy Van Zeland Bag over your shoulder to bring the outfit together!

Where:   This look is great for a wedding shower on the porch of a country club with your girlfriends from work!



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